Haggerty Woodworking
Fine Wooden Things

Welcome to Haggerty Woodworking! As owner of my own woodworking shop since 1986, I create custom wooden pieces for customers around the country. Some of my past projects have included bowls, phone cases, stools, shelves, art pieces, tables, desks, and doors. My pieces are all unique and inspired by my love of unusual design.

My educational background is in physics and engineering. When I realized how much I loved designing and creating things I became an apprentice to a furniture maker in Bucks County. Since then, I have been creating wooden objects that push the limits of design.
As a consultant, I have helped companies solve their design and manufacturing challenges by combining my knowledge of physics, engineering, and woodworking. My education and background allow me to bring a fresh perspective to my art.

Purchase one of my wooden pieces from the website or contact me about commissioning a custom wooden piece of your own, whether large or small. Have an unusual design in mind? We can discuss it and make your vision come to life!